Time to play

Cold days at the cabin are perfect for sitting around the breakfast table and playing our new favorite card game - Five Crowns! A lot like rummy, but with an extra suit (stars!) and 12 rounds to win, we spent far too many hours with the neighbors' this summer passing our deck around their giant patio table on a paper plate.

Which is what inspired us to create this great crown-shaped board with spaces for your draw pile and your discards, so you can easily pass them without having to reach (don't want anyone to strain themselves or spill a glass of wine!)

Even on quieter days like today, when it's just the two of us (and the fur family, of course!) hiding out from the cold with a snowy view and a hot cup of coffee, our board adds a classy touch to the scene. Don't you think?

For our fellow Five Crowns fans, you can order just the board as an "upgrade" to the game you already own and love.

And for the newbs, we're offering the complete package with the card game included (at a great price!), to spare you yet another Amazon delivery!


Order Five Crowns Game Board


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