Season of change

When we started construction on the workshop, there was a little dead cedar just off the back corner that we knew would have to come down to make room for the roof.

For months now, we've been stepping over it and saying "we'll have to figure out something we can make from that wood."

With winter on the way and our first snowfall already in the books, we decided that we'd better harvest that wood and put it to good use before it gets buried beneath a blanket of the white stuff until next Spring!

We decided the rounds would make the perfect air fresheners for the car. So we sliced them up, carved them with some festive seasonal designs, rubbed them with aromatic oils and then added a bit of rustic twine so you can hang them from the rear-view mirror.

We think they couldn't be cuter! Choose your favorite design and order yours today!


Order Natural Car Air Fresheners


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